Atlanta Round 8 Supercross 2015

Atlanta Round 8 Supercross 2015

Feb 23, 2015

Race day excitement was on overdrive at the round 8 AMA Supercross series. The night which was the first of two back-to-back stops of the Monster Rally series at Atlanta Georgia Dome was a race of terrific accomplishments for Team Honda HRC. Trey Canard progressed up in point’s standings consolidating his position in touted second place. A power ride rounded off by a spectacular podium finish saw to this achievement by Canard. Among other Team Honda members Cole Seely had a more satisfying race day rebounding after a hiccupping previous race. He progressed to a stronger fourth place one slot behind his teammate.

It was a showcase performance by Trey Canard riding a factory Honda CRF450R. Having won the heat race he passed the checkered flag on a third place finish during final race. He fell short of the two riders in front as a result of a poor pickup costing him precious race time. Yet overall it was a formidable performance by Canard who executed an impressive ride by advancing to top pick of ten from nowhere and cruising towards the checkered flag as third fastest rider of the race. Seely who gained qualification in the semi race was dogging four other riders in the first of twenty laps in main race. Superb persistence saw him steadily advancing through the pack to cross at fourth place.


  • The autograph signing session of Team Honda HRC riders represented by Cole Seely and Trey Canard was held on the eve before race. The racing duo was joined by Eli Tomac, Jordan Smith, Justin Bogle, Malcolm Stewart and R J Hampshire holding up the GEICO Honda end.


  • Team Honda HRC hosted Keisuke Inomoto, HRC Motocross Representative Director for the HRC Motocross on race night at Atlanta. Inomoto is expected to participate in a round of post-race meetings at California Headquarters of Honda before returning to Japan en-route to Losail, Qatar where he will then join Team HRC for the MXGP opening round on February 27th.

  • Canard qualified on pole for the second time in Supercross series during timed practices. The second qualifying time was 48.380 on second lap. Coming a close second was Tomac with a 48.628 and Seely placed at seventh place at 49.383.  The fastest man at the main event was again Canard with a terrific racing time of 48.811. This timing was on a track that had seen lowest timings for this season so far.


  • Atlanta Supercross track has a signature soil of red dirt, a fact that is remarked by most riders and mechanics who race in this track. Canard’s mechanic Brent Presnell is said to have remarked that Atlanta is rather weird because riders are hard put to predict what kind of Georgian clay they will have to race on. ‘Tonight it has been really slippery and hard. However, there was also some moisture. So it is definitely not the old school famous Georgian clay that we are used to seeing here’ he said.

  • Canard and Seely were also among the four riders who accomplished a spectacular quad jump following a section of whoops. An enthusiastic Seely commented on the jump saying ‘ I didn’t execute the jump in main event. Because during the night the line never formed and it was pretty tricky. However, during practice I and Trey managed it but we didn’t know that others had done it’.


  • Canard is in consistent form which he topped off with a finely executed podium finish in Atlanta. For Ken Roczen the night was not that favorable as he fell on second place in championship chase. He is now second to Ryan Dungey in the lineup with a fall of 25 points. Tomac with 115 points is now at fourth place while Seely remains in sixth position at 111 points. Interestingly there is only a five point gap between the fourth and seventh places in point standings.

  • The second and final stop in Georgia Dome Atlanta will take place following weekend where the Honda Red Riders will continue their quest for championship.


Fast Freddy gears up for Motocross

Fredrik Noren nicknamed as ‘Fast Freddy’ has been on a terrific roll for the past eight months. Following a twister performance as substitute rider for Factory Honda Team at the end session of AMA Motocross 2014 season, the speedy Swedish born rider was elected to the squad as official test and fill-in rider this year. The first six rounds of AMA Supercross campaigning for Noren were in 450SX class representing Crossland Honda and The time is now right for Fast Freddy to begin outdoor testing says Dan Betley, Team Honda HRC Manager. ‘Freddy wanted to first ride in Supercross and we thought it best for him to get his feet wet as he had not really ridden Supercross. It was a learning experience for all concerned as we wanted to see how he would perform on a 450. Most importantly we didn’t want him getting hurt as we have planned for him to move forward and prepare for outdoors’ Betley said. At present Noren is riding a test bike and expected to undertake endurance testing on engine parts. Betley informs that the plan is to move him into chassis testing when he is more acclimatized to motocross with the right speed. Noren will join the foray again towards the latter part of this year when he returns to race at Hangtown AMA Motocross.

Trey Canard

“Not a bad night at all. I’m happy to be on the podium again, and to have moved into second in points, but it was a bummer to get another bad start. I just moved forward and did the best that I could, which is all we can ask for. I was riding really aggressive, but I think you have to when you’re that far back. I started to catch them a little when I got into third, but it was basically cat-and-mouse all the way to the end. I think the bike was working great in the main event, so hopefully we can keep that going into next week and come out strong.”

Cole Seely

“I got tangled with another rider and went down in the first turn of my heat race, and I just had flashbacks of last weekend when I had to go through the LCQ. I kind of went into panic mode, because I didn’t want to let that happen! From there on out, I felt like I turned it up a notch. I got a decent start in the main event by sneaking to the inside of everyone in the turn. I came out sixth or seventh and then just tried working my way forward. When Trey passed me, I just tried to stay on him to see his lines, and we moved forward together.”

Keisuke Inomoto: Representative Director- Team HRC Motocross 

“Tonight was not so bad for us. Trey had a pretty good race, even after a bad start, and Cole also rode well to finish in the top five. We still had problems with our starts, so hopefully we can figure that out soon and improve. Trey’s podium finish was good though. Now he’s second in points and in the hunt for the championship, which is where he should be.”

Dan Betley: Team Manager 

“Overall, the day was pretty good. We showed good speed in practice, won a heat race and finished with one rider on the podium and another in the top five. Cole had to go to the semi, but all in all I think everyone did a good job and was pretty much on-point. In the main event, we got some mediocre-to-bad starts again, so we really need to figure that out. Trey was on fire coming though the pack; he was catching first and second but just came up a little short. He also moved into second in points, which is a great step. Every week, he’s gaining more and more confidence with his riding and our bike. I’m really happy with the progress Cole has been making, and he’s really becoming a big asset to the team.”

Brent Presnell: Mechanic (Trey Canard)

“Trey was fast all day and especially fast in the main event, but he just started too far back and couldn’t get up to the leaders. We really need to figure out our starts. He got tangled with some other riders going down the start straight and was kind of banging bars, which pushed him toward the back. He was able to work his way up to third, but I don’t believe he’s all that happy with that. It’s kind of funny because that used to be good for him, but now, with a couple wins, he knows what he’s capable of and has that fire in him to win.”

Rich Simmons: Mechanic (Cole Seely)

“We got a fourth tonight, which is a good rebound after last weekend. I think Cole rode well; he’s just a little off the pace of those guys up front. He made some good passes and was able to get behind Trey and kind of work his way up, but I think he needs to work on having a little more aggression at the beginning of the race.” 

450SX Results
1.Chad Reed
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Trey Canard Team Honda HRC
4.Cole Seely Team Honda HRC
5.Weston Peick
6. Broc Tickle
7. Jason Anderson
8. Blake Baggett
9. Andrew Short
10. Joshua Grant
11. Phillip Nicoletti
12. David Millsaps
13. Mike Alessi
14. Josh Hill
15. Jacob Weimer
16. Kyle Chisholm 
17. Nicholas Wey
18. Ken Roczen
19. Zackery Freeberg
20. Eli Tomac GEICO Honda
21. Ronnie Stewart
22. Cade Clason
450SX Championship Points (after 8 of 17 rounds)
1. Ryan Dungey     174
2.Trey Canard     149
3. Ken Roczen     143 
4.Eli Tomac     115
5.Jason Anderson     114
6.Cole Seely     111
7.Chad Reed     110
8. Blake Baggett     99
9. Andrew Short     94
10.Broc Tickle     78
11.Justin Barcia     71 
12.David Millsaps     65
13.Jacob Weimer     61
14.Weston Peick     49 
15.Joshua Grant     41
16.Mike Alessi     40
17.Brett Metcalfe     40 
18.Phil Nicoletti     33
19.Kyle Chisholm     33
20. Josh Hill     32

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